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Large White

The Large White was developed in England in the late 1700's and has become well established as a major breed in most commercial pig breeding countries including Australia .

Early heritage indicates that a small chinese pig was crossed with white pigs from Yorkshire and nearby counties.  This cross formed the basis of the Small White, Middle White and Large White breeds.

Large Whites are admirably suited to commercial production systems but are also able to thrive outdoors if “weathered off “ correctly.

They are good maternal pigs producing large litters and abundant milk for their piglets.

Early stud breeders in Australia embraced the Large White although back in the early days it looked more similar to a Tamworth and the breed was heavily developed to become the magnificent modern pig that it is. There is anecdotal evidence from Stud breeders that whites have got shorter so they suit farrowing crates better, there seems to be pigs around that support this and it would be a shame to lose the length that this breed is capable of.

Sadly the registrations for purebred Large Whites has fallen to the point that they are on the RBST “to watch” list.

Large Whites are probably my favorite breed to work with they are lovely pigs.