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Glen Eyrie Rare Breeds Farm and Green Isle Pure Bred Pig Stud

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This pile of Tamworth Porchettas were slow cooked in a wood fired oven and served to Patrons at Truffle Melbourne.

James Mele and Marcel Mandanici are the masters of The Meat Room Bespoke Butchery at Kilmore. Like Walwa Park James and Marcel are avid supporters of food diversity and the conservation of Heritage breeds. With their expert and passionate treatment our rare breed carcasses become a mouth watering myriad of products including restaurant quality cuts of fresh pork, gourmet handmade sausages, hams and bacon and although it is not currently for sale their own handmade salami and fermented meat products which as a guest at their table are a true delight.

The Meat Room is developing a great following of passionate people and their support of our rare breed conservation herd allows patrons to experience pure bred breeds that are butchered and packed to their bespoke requirements. Again the support of like minded people allows me as a farmer to concentrate on breeding and caring for my pedigree pigs and to know that they will be appreciated by consumers of fine meat. James and Marcel also specialize in Salami pigs and we grow a number of breeds for them each year , salami is such an amazing cultural food that to start with a great pig ensures that all that time and effort will be well rewarded. Do not hesitate to pre-order a salami pig in the breed of your choice , they are grown outdoors for about 1 yr and numbers are limited , The Meat Room can prepare the carcass or you can do it yourself. To find out more contact James on 0419 850 731.