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Glen Eyrie Rare Breeds Farm and Green Isle Pure Bred Pig Stud

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Stud Boars

Our Purebred Boars are selected for many qualities including being true to type for their breed , growth rate /ADG, soundness and conformation. They are guaranteed to be fertile . Boars are wormed and vaccinaqted. A good terminal sire such as a purebred Duroc ,Large White, Landrace or Hampshire sire will produce good carcasses over rare breed or cross breed sows putting more meat in the carcass with a reduction in fat and increase in hybrid vigour in the young pigs. 

Breeding Gilts

We produce start up herds of breeding gilts in all of the eight breeds or for commercial production F1 gilts or Blue Merle Gilts. To ensure genetic variation you are advised to order you gilts up to 6 months in advance if you want a larger pure bred gene pool.This allows for selection from many litters. If you are interested in breeding for meat then we usually have a good selection of commercial meat producing gilts available. Gilts are wormed ,vaccinated and guaranteed to breed. 

Wholesale Supply of Meat Pigs

We supply full carcasses to Butchers or Wholesalers ,We supply all 8 breeds and commercial crosses such as duroc /hampshire x large white. Pigs can be sourced at any size from suckling to salami. We supply indoor and outdoor reared pigs. All our pigs are born indoors for their own protection from predators and so we can care for them.